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Parenting 420

An Advanced Course in Creative Parenting

An Advanced Course in Creative Parenting
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A community for parents of children aged 5 and up.
For issues related to children under 5, try parenting101

Parenting 420

Have the initial postpartum hormones of doom worn off, leaving you ready to relax and celebrate the fact that you haven't eaten your offspring? Do you never want to see another diaper as long as you live? Is your special snowflake weaned, potty educated, using a spoon and leaving you wondering what comes next? Are you tired of wading through posts in other communities of subjects you've already covered? Looking for a place to talk about the challenges of parenting older kids?

If so, welcome to parenting420, an advanced course in creative parenting of children ages 5 and up. Here we will tackle the challenges pertaining to school, social situations, puberty, communication, co-parenting skills and the teenage years. If you've gotten this far, you have come to realize not to sweat the small stuff, so come on in, chill out and share ideas and resources with other moms and dads.

Please keep questions and discussions to the topic of children ages 5 and up. If you have questions about breastfeeding, diapering, car seats, potty learning and so forth, take it to parenting101. Occasionally there may be a special case or exception. Just use discretion.


* No new journals or journals with only a few entries.
* No spam or community ads without mod approval.
* No disabling or deleting posts or comments. Don't change fonts or formatting.
* No off topic or sappy goodbye posts.
* Check tags before posting.
* Use tags when posting.
* <lj-cut> pics & long posts.

* Be respectful and open-minded. While we are not looking for debate, when ideas are shared, disagreements happen. Please be adults.

Threads and posts will be frozen or deleted if necessary. Posts that break the rules can/will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators and habitual rule breakers will be banned.

For problems, please contact preachan_sidhe.