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Children making friends
cknk wrote in parenting420
So what's the ettiquette around your children making friends?

If your son or daughter plays outside with a child from down the street a couple of times, and then that child down the street invites your child in to his house, would you say yes? No? Ask for a phone number and police check? Invite the parents over for supper first? Did your approach to the situation change as your child got older, and what ages do you feel comfortable letting your child go to a stranger's house?

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I'd probably just go door knock to meet the parents, check it's ok with them and make sure they had my phone number in case something happened while he was there.

Me too. I did make sure that my kids knew the basics about safety at a stranger's house, like to never, ever touch a gun but to go tell an adult that they saw one. It may seem paranoid, but it was practical and useful when my kids went to visit my own brother and his shotgun was by the front door! (I didn't know he had one.)

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