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Another carseat question!
alathia wrote in parenting420
My older son is 5.5, 45" (all of it in his torso) and 41lbs. He is current in a radian80 5pt carseat. My youngest son is 2, 37" tall (long torso as well), and 34lbs. He is in a britax roundabout, but I noticed today he will outgrow it soon as his ears are almost to the top of the back of the carseat. I have a scion xA, so it's a small car, so I can't have two giant carseats back there (which is why the radians fit so well). here are my questions:

1) technically my oldesst can move to a booster, but I feel he's safest in a 5pt. he doesn't really complain, but does love sitting in the booster when he's with my mom. should i keep him in the radian, or move to a high back booster?

2) what high back boosters do you recommend?

3) what kind of seat should I get for my youngest? he's a big kid, and while he fits comfortably in his brother's radian right now, will it be a good fit as he grows older? I was looking at the radian XT.

remember, I have a scion xA which is a smaller car so no two giant evenflow triumphs or graco nautiluses. thanks for the help!

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My daughter, 4, is about the size of your 5 year old and I have her in a Cosco high-back, and she really does seem safe in it. The straps fit the same way the ones on her old car seat did, just with more growing room. My favorite part of the cosco is that it still has sidewalls without sacrificing any more room across the back of my Taurus, where her older brother is still in a backless booster, and her younger brother is in an Evenflo Titan!

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