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Children making friends
So what's the ettiquette around your children making friends?

If your son or daughter plays outside with a child from down the street a couple of times, and then that child down the street invites your child in to his house, would you say yes? No? Ask for a phone number and police check? Invite the parents over for supper first? Did your approach to the situation change as your child got older, and what ages do you feel comfortable letting your child go to a stranger's house?

Alternative Scouting for boys?
Anyone have any experience with the alternative scouting groups for boys or boys and girls together? I want my boys to have scouting experience, but we are not welcome in BSA.

Another carseat question!
My older son is 5.5, 45" (all of it in his torso) and 41lbs. He is current in a radian80 5pt carseat. My youngest son is 2, 37" tall (long torso as well), and 34lbs. He is in a britax roundabout, but I noticed today he will outgrow it soon as his ears are almost to the top of the back of the carseat. I have a scion xA, so it's a small car, so I can't have two giant carseats back there (which is why the radians fit so well). here are my questions:

1) technically my oldesst can move to a booster, but I feel he's safest in a 5pt. he doesn't really complain, but does love sitting in the booster when he's with my mom. should i keep him in the radian, or move to a high back booster?

2) what high back boosters do you recommend?

3) what kind of seat should I get for my youngest? he's a big kid, and while he fits comfortably in his brother's radian right now, will it be a good fit as he grows older? I was looking at the radian XT.

remember, I have a scion xA which is a smaller car so no two giant evenflow triumphs or graco nautiluses. thanks for the help!

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When can a child be left home alone?
I'm an expat, so my parents get to see my daughter twice a year when we make the long trip to visit them. Unfortunately, because of work schedules, our visits are always pretty short. I said something last time about my almost-7-year old staying for most of the summer soon, but then I realized that both of my parents worked, so some sort of daycare would need to be arranged. My mother said, "But in a few years, she can stay by herself!"

So I've been wondering, at what age would you feel comfortable leaving your kid at home alone for 4-5 hours a day? I don't feel like my daughter is anywhere near ready, even though my parents (well, my dad) started leaving me home alone when I was 8 or so. I think a lot depends on the child's personality - my kid is very erm... adventurous, and I just don't trust her not to try to cook or get into something she shouldn't.

When did you start leaving your kid alone for short periods of time (less than half an hour)? We've occasionally left my daughter here when we went to go check the mail... but we live in a duplex with my inlaws, and they knew we were gone.

YMCA questions?
I am gonna guess and assume that not all YMCA's are the same. But I do have a few questions about it on if any of you have or had a membership and do you like it?

Is it what you expected it to be when you went in regularly? We are looking at having something my husband and I can go to after work to relax for a few hours (oh, sweet swimming pool). Our kids are interested in the gym, track, and pool, etc. And it would be something nice for them to do some days after school and they are really interested in doing this.  I also like a lot of the young kid programs for when I do have our first child together, she can start getting involved in them when age appropriate.

Our only possible problem is that we usually have our nieces over on weekends and any day they have off from school. I don't think we can include them in our family membership and we can't afford the 30 dollars a month extra for them to get passes. I don't think their mom will pay for it (she's already on a tight budget and I'm not sure how to ask her about it). Money will also be tighter here once I do give birth and go on 6 weeks unpaid, etc. then have the diaper/etc expenses.

So I just don't know about buying a membership for our family. Cause I can't see us going on the weekend to leave the girls behind with an uncle. :( And the weekends would be some of the best times for us all to go as a family for schedule wise.  And the point of this is to do something as a family. The boys and my hubby want to tone up, etc, etc.

So what would you do?


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